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April 19, 2016 , , chloemariemua

Since a few of my recent blogposts have featured liquid lipsticks and bold lip colours, I figured it was the perfect time to write a post on my favourite lip care products. Anyone that’s used liquid lipsticks or any long-wearing lipstick / gloss will know how important it is to hydrate your lips. There’s nothing worse than when you apply your new favourite lipstick and it settles into cracks and generally just looks rubbish because your lips are chapped. So let’s talk lip care!

Before I get ready to head out somewhere nice I always like to start by exfoliating my lips. Right now I’m using Lush bubblegum lip scrub and oh my goodness this scrub smells AMAZING! It’s vegan and most of the ingredients are completely natural. It contains castor sugar to give it that yummy sweetness and that grainy texture to help buff away any dead skin cells. It also contains organic jojoba oil which softens and moisturises the lips. I promise after you use this scrub your lips will feel noticeably smoother; I can’t get enough of it and at £5.50 it’s definitely a worthy investment!

When it comes to lip balms; I have three favourites:

  1. Dr. PawPaw Balm
  2. Dr. Lipp’s original nipple balm for lips
  3. EOS lip balm

The PawPaw balms are multi-purpose and fragrance free. To name a few uses, you can use them on your lips, nail cuticles, skin irritations such as psoriasis and the tinted balms can even be used as a blusher on your cheeks if you’re looking for a nice holiday glow. The PawPaw balms are incredibly versatile! And another great thing about them is that they’re derived from natural ingredients. The name might have had you guessing already; the main ingredient is fermented PawPaw, the fruit of the Carica Papaya and this has been found to have natural healing properties. It comes in three shades (swatches below), the original which is clear, the peachy-pink (my favourite for everyday use) and a warm red shade.

Lip balms and Lip care

Dr. Lipp’s nipple balm for lips is another natural, multi-purpose balm. After getting a small sample of this sent to me a few years back with one of my makeup brush orders, I’ve been purchasing it from Space NK ever since! I love it. It’s a lot thicker than the other lip balms I use so I tend to use this last thing at night before I go to sleep and by the time I waken up in the morning my lips are super soft. The main ingredient is lanolin which has historically been used to protect breastfeeding mothers sore, cracked nipples; hence the name! It really is a fantastic product and it can be used on lips, nipples, cuticles, sunburn and more. A little goes a long way with this one, so expect this tube to last you a while! Dr.Lipp’s balm comes in at £12.

And lastly the EOS lip balms. Anyone that watches the Kardashians will recognise these lip balms! Recently there has been a lot of controversy around them; if you saw the posts on Facebook earlier this year around the EOS lawsuit you’ll know what I’m talking about. A woman reported she had cracked, bleeding, blistering, and flaking lips after using an EOS balm and this news went viral real fast. The court case has since been settled and personally I have never had any issues using the EOS balms so I am still a big fan despite the controversy! They are 100% natural and hypoallergenic; the packaging is super cute and dinky and there are lots of flavours / colours to choose from. Right now I have the sweet mint flavoured balm which is really refreshing. EOS balms are super affordable at roughly £6 a pop!

What’s your favourite lip care products?

Chloe xox

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