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Last night I landed back in Aberdeen after a fantastic weekend away visiting my friend who’s recently moved to London. Right before I left I received an exciting Makeup delivery from Anastasia Beverly Hills and Beauty Bay and I have been dying to play with my goodies ever since!

I already own quite a few products from both brands however the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows are totally new to me and as expected they did not disappoint! The eyeshadows I chose this time were a mix of gorgeous green, neutral and purple toned shades. I didn’t have a huge selection of green eyeshadows before this delivery so these were the shades I was most excited to play with (if I have to choose between them!) I’m planning my next Get the Look blogpost around these so please stay tuned for that.



How gorgeous are all the shadows when you see them lined up together in the z-palettes?! *swoon*

I forever see gorgeous palettes like this on instagram and pinterest and I rarely see all the shades listed, so I’m going to list the shade names of each and every shadow shown above for you guys!

Neutral to Green palette (from L-R):
Row 1: MUG Vanilla Bean, ABH Lace, MUG Shimma Shimma, MUG Creme Brûlée, MUG (foiled) Starry eyed, MUG Barcelona Beach, MUG Homecoming.
Row 2: MUG Peach Smoothie, MUG (foiled) Grandstand, MUG Frappe, MUG Cosmopolitan, MUG Cocoa Bear, MUG (foiled) flame thrower, ABH Chocolate Crumble.
Row 3: MUG Mocha, MUG Bada bing, MUG Americano, ABH Chocolate and (2 empty spaces to fill… which ones to choose…)
Row 4: ABH Stone, ABH Metal, ABH Truffle Glitter, ABH Moss, MUG Venom, ABH Peacock, MUG Corrupt.

Purple-toned palette (from L-R):
Row 1: MUG Confection, MUG Cinderella, MUG Petal pusher, ABH Macaroon (I LOVE this shade and cannot wait to play with it!), MUG Sensuous, MUG Curfew, MUG Drama Queen.
Row 2: MUG Unexpected, ABH pink champagne (another ABH favourite!), MUG Prom Night, MUG (foiled) mesmerized, MUG Showtime, MUG Bitten.

The liquid lipsticks I bought from Anastasia Beverly Hills were a variation of nude shades. I already have a vibrant pink and neon coral liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills so I was really excited to try out the more wearable shades. As expected the coverage was gorgeous; I don’t find the ABH liquid lipsticks too drying and they’re super long-lasting. I did order these from the Anastasia Beverly Hills site which is based in the US (Beauty Bay / Cult Beauty don’t stock the liquid lipsticks / single shadows yet), so if you are going to do this be warned that the shipping / custom fees are pretty steep. If you know someone heading to the States then this will be a much cheaper option of getting your hands on them. The shades that I ordered were (swatches below from L-R) Kathryn, Crush, Stripped. I wore Stripped whilst I was away in London and it’s safe to say this is becoming a favourite of mine.


Look out for these in my next Get the Look blogpost. I hope you enjoyed this Beauty Haul post and as always please leave any comments below.

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